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At Bosweel, we want CSR to be an integrated part of what we do. That’s why we work actively with our suppliers, employees and partners to improve our efforts.

By being proactive and on the cutting edge, we seek to avoid issues which are not in line with our Code of Conduct or CSR strategy. We have manufactured shirts since 1937 and our top priority is to ensure that our products are manufactured and handled correctly. We are product experts and the fact that we control production from design to delivery means that we are in charge of every process in all aspects of the product. We are acknowledged for our quality and the best fit of our products.

We believe it is important that our suppliers manufacture and handle our products in a responsible and caring way when it comes to people and the environment. We are open in the approach to our CSR strategy and our objectives in the internal dialogue in order to promote understanding in the company as well as in our approach to CSR seen in a global perspective.

CSR report

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