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ELSK® & Bosweel Collab (Q&A)

At Bosweel we have a heritage of almost 80 years of shirt making experience and with that as a part of our DNA, we believe this experience is relevant only if we continue to develop co-operations and constantly strive for innovation.

At Bosweel we remain true to our origins and trade, while keeping an open mind to be able to deliver the highest quality shirts to our customers. We are passionate craftsmen and women with a professional attitude of innovation and with that in mind we welcome ELSK as a partner with a mission and a strong belief.

Elsk’ is Danish for Love. They love what they do, and have a mission to design products that reflect their passion and dream to create a micro organic company that sells very limited collections of garments. In fact, they only sell 200 of each design. Yep, just 200. That’s it! ELSK want to build a fashion brand where quality, sustainability and pride actually matter. So instead of finding out how much you can get for as little as possible, they want to help you work out what you simply can’t live without. The bare essentials. ELSK produces clothes that you need to keep wearing again and again. They won’t completely change the world or the entire fashion industry. But they’ll make a big difference for customers and to the people who manufacture their items. That’s the organic essentials of ELSK.

This passion and attitude fits very well to Bosweel´s beliefs and we look forward to this collaboration with ELSK


Q / ELSK: How did the collaboration with ELSK and Bosweel come about?

ELSK: As we were expanding our collection, we wanted to add shirts to it, but had difficulties finding a manufacturer that could deliver the quality we wanted and to provide us with fabrics in organic cotton. We also wanted to find a partner that has the right know-how about shirts and who shares our values. After searching abroad for such a partner without any success, we decided to see if there were any Danish companies that could provide what we were looking for


Q / ELSK: And why Bosweel then?

ELSK:  As with everything we do, we wanted to work with the best people and wanted to find a partner that could assist us, in our quest towards the creation of a high quality shirt, made in sustainable fabrics.

It did not take us long, to realize that the right partner for us, would be the Danish shirtmaker Bosweel. With their history and great reputation, we had a good impression of Bosweel right from the outset and after our first meeting with them, we were blown away by the passion and dedication they showed


Q / BOSWEEL:  Why did you decide to work on this project with ELSK?

 BOSWEEL: We recognized a lot of the beliefs that ELSK have defined in their mission from the Bosweel way of thinking. We value quality and we always deliver the best quality with our zero-tolerance Bosweel-culture of never settling for anything but the best, and always doing the right thing. At Bosweel our top priority has always been, and always will be quality. ELSK was looking for sustainable fabrics in high qualities and this was a perfect match. ELSK has a different customer base and we would be proud to manufacture shirts of high quality, in sustainable fabrics, as a part of our brand and reputation to ELSK customers


Q / BOSWEEL:  What has been the biggest challenge in this project and how has it been to work with ELSK?

 BOSWEEL: It is always a great pleasure to meet people with the same attitude and passion in what they do and this gives a strong understanding towards businesses despite differences.

One of the criteria from ELSK was that they buy maximum 200 pieces each garment and with this in mind we found fabrics from our stock – the challenge was if we had enough fabrics for each style. The shirts are all very nice with our well-known workmanship and high quality level


 Q / BOSWEEL: You have recently launched a new brand strategy for Bosweel. Could you tell us a bit about the strategy?

 BOSWEEL: Bosweel’s new strategy has focus on brand identity, communication and a new website. Our mission was to sharpen Bosweel’s profile with an emphasis on individuality, quality and independence. ‘Bosweel Independent shirt makers’ is our statement and belief. Together with the brand strategy launch, Bosweel has unveiled a new logo, a new web-design and a CSR strategy.

Bosweel has also launched new product categories with Bosweel Signature, Bosweel Fashion, Bosweel Basic, and Bosweel Formal, as well as a women’s collection in classic and high quality fabrics. Bosweel’s Classic Fit, Body Cut and Slim Fit designs have all been updated to reflect the new brand


Q / ELSK: Why is it important for you to use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton?

ELSK: At ELSK our ambition is to make garments that last and impact the environment as little as possible. Using organic cotton is an important step in this process. It is better for everyone. The consumers, the farmers, the workers and the nature. It is more expensive, but we are confident our customers appreciate and value products that are made with respect to Mother Earth