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Airy Linen

Linen/cotton shirts are fashionable and relaxed at the same time. Its unique fibers create an airy fabric that keeps you cooler during hot summer days and is the perfect appearance in your holiday wardrobe. This light and wrinkled surface fits perfectly with the laid-back atmosphere.

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A Summer Wedding

If you are planning a summer wedding – let this formal shirt be your inspiration for the most important day.

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Let the sun shine

The Daisy print gives this shirt a bold look with a spring feeling. A shirt can easily stand out on its own in both style and colour.

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Bosweel appoints new Brand Director and Head of Sales

The Danish shirt manufacturer Bosweel has appointed a new Brand Director & Head of Sales, Rasmus Paludan, from the 1st of July 2018. Rasmus Paludan has several years of experience as sales representative, procurement officer, brand developer and sales responsible within the fashion industry.

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Photo shoot

For the Spring / Summer 18 photo shoot we visited The Lab located in an atmospheric industrial building in Copenhagen. The Lab spread across two floors with large windows and high ceilings for natural light.

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Copenhagen International Fashion Fair – CIFF

Find us at showroom B2-115 and have a look at the AW18 Collection

Celebrate the festive season

Are you December ready?

Looking forward to celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve, or many of the lovely family greetings that take place in December.

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Find your favorite shirt

When the temperature drops it is time for warmer shirts. We have a wide selection of styles woven in vibrant patterns – adding smart and sophisticated details to your selection of shirts.

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Peached surfaces

The flannel season is finally here and these shirts are the perfect choice for any relaxed occasion.

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Mix and match colours and patterns

Exclusive quality and a crisp look makes our shirts the perfect partner to impress in the office.

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Classic stripes

Bengal striped fabrics make a classic and elegant look at the office. Colours in bright blue, navy and bordeaux with white stripes are available in our AW17 collection. Match it with a classic solid coloured tie or contrast the linear design with a bold spotted tie for a touch of personal styling.

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Soft colouring

How to wear soft colours? Bright colours of purple and grey are represented in Bosweel´s AW17 collection. Your overall look is soft, if your look is blended.

You will always look your best in tones of medium depth and a monochromatic look.

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How to wash and care for your shirt

For the best possible use and comfort of your Bosweel shirt, we recommend, that you always follow the wash & care instructions carefully.

Avoid soaking and remove stains with a stain remover without optical white, before washing. Always follow the instructions on the stain remover.

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Business Shirts

It is very important to ensure that you have the right selection of shirts, enabling you to wear the appropriate business attire, based on changing occasions and styling.

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The AW2017 collection is now available

Some of the inspiration behind the AW 17 collection is the print designs. Inspired by nature, leafs, flowers and forest, the prints gathers the collection in beautiful colours. Use matching accessories as tie or scarf for bold appearance. The collection is available in shops now.

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A balanced collar shape

The Cut Away Collar is one of the essentials of modern shirt design. The balanced shape presents a versatile collar that matches any face shape and can be worn either with or without a tie. Wear it with a knitted tie and notched lapel suit. Do not underestimate the finishing touch of the coloured square in the chest pocket.

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Play with textures and colours

To combine textures and patterns is effectual and vibrant. Wear it casually with a pair of jeans or chinos or dress it up with your favorite checked suit and a fancy coloured tie to keep a dapper and cool stylish look.

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Get that summer feeling

Summer is a great excuse for a fresh new shirt that pops out of the crowd. The long-awaited summer is not the time to go plain and boring.

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Looking sharp

Our male model looks handsome in our cotton stretch sateen shirts with tone in tone matching tie and suit.
The stretch sateen blend is made of 98% cotton and 2% elasthane and our shirts are not only soft and comfortable to wear but offer remarkable freedom of movement.

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Behind the scene

Go behind the scenes with Copenhagen-based photographer Dennis Stenild as he shoots the Bosweel spring summer 17 collection. Model Søren Rostved was posing and in between shoots he fooled around.

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Socle du Monde Biennale 2017 at Heart Museum

We have contributed shirts to the annual Socle du Monde Biennale 2017 at the Heart Museum. The shirts are seen in the surrounding of the museum as an eye catcher for the exhibition and as a reference to the history of the region.

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Style notes

The blue floral print gives this shirt a bold look that makes it slightly more casual than its checked or striped counterparts.

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Styling with a vest

Leave the jacket at home and wear a vest with a well-fitting shirt. For an even more relaxed look, try a casual button down like an oxford or a linen shirt.

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Preppy styling

Wear the heavy oxford shirt under sharp tailoring for a playful twist to your office outfit. Match with a plain or subtle patterned cravat and suit for a balanced appearance.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of us at Bosweel

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Evening wear for the holiday season

Our white tie and black tie dress shirts are the luxurious choice for the fashionable man.

Choose from classic smooth shirts with hidden placket to pleated shirts elegantly crafted to fit you perfectly and made to compliment your personal style.  Sophisticated and crisp fabrics are the favorites in this elegant collection.

Discover the right accessories to complete your seasonal evening wear, and find more style inspiration on Instagram @bosweel_shirts

Brushed cotton for colder months

Our brushed shirts elevate the casual look with an interesting visual effect. Two toned buttons with wooden look states a natural feeling. Wear the shirt under a navy padded winter jacket to add a smart visual effect to your leisure wear and nights out.

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Essential item in your casual wardrobe

Inject some colours into your wardrobe with our latest blue checked shirts. Choose from subtle woven effects or bold prints to match any outfit.

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Button down collar

A contemporary-cool version of the classic button down shirt can be worn either with or without a tie. The timeless pattern is woven in a fine oxford fabric for an easy and crisp handle.

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Perfect for any occasion

Our basic versatile grey toned shirts are a must-have item in your wardrobe. Smart details, our dotted twill fabric and timeless colour range make these styles easy to match with any outfit – from traditional business to smart casual.

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What to wear right now

Our striped oxford shirt takes the casual outfit to the next level. The silk woven tie and padded jacket gives it a further personalized feel.

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Perfect for any occasion

The satin dotted fabric stands out with clear lustre and vibrant colours. This navy fabric is woven with subtle micro dots that enhance the unique structure.

Exclusive constructions are used to achieve the ideal look, comfort and performance.
Relaxed, yet always with a touch of luxury.

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Part of the appeal

Consider the hues of brown. Visuals to inspire. Details to appreciate. As always, a constant focus.
Autumn tones in combinations of navy, blue and brown. The shirt is now eye-catching but indeed a well-dressed statement to the suit.

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More Dots

Woven with subtle micro dots this twill shirt elevates your outfit. Wear it under a classic navy suit and add a dotted silk pocket square in matching colours.

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The understated elegance of grey

Consider the understated elegance of grey.
A transition between the two colours of white and black, the striking, neutral statement of grey toned shirt in understated style.
The monochrome, neutral colour of grey is perfection in a blend of black and white. Evoking warm or cool tones, the timeless neutral of grey is a classic outfit.

Understated elegance, indeed.

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Vibrant colours

This cotton structure shirt is a perfect base for the navy suit. The purple colour combined with blue blends impeccable lustre, elegant texture and vibrant colours.

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A lasting first impression

It’s all about the details. That final touch which defines your style. Choose a bold printed tie and match it with knitwear to enhance the shirt and suit, and make the transition from work to weekend seamless.

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Casual styling

The classic leather jacket and a twill shirt with micro woven dots completes this outfit.

Wear it relaxed without tie or with a black tie for a casual and smart look.
Versatile shades of black and grey and materials with different structures match perfectly and will vary your look.

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Explore the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection

New season, new colour palette. Blue continues to play a dominant role spanning the spectrum from a dark azure hue to light blue.
Bordeaux sets the tone for this season’s most colourful shirts with rich and expressive weaves and contrasting grey colours.

Check out the collection and enjoy the qualities. Be the best-dressed man of the season.

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CIFF August 2016

Meet us at CIFF August 2016 in showroom B2-115. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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First step into Autumn/Winter 2016 collection

Everyone needs a new shirt and this Autumn/Winter 2016 collection includes a lot of stylish surprises. The bright blue shirt is woven with subtle houndstooth for a sophisticated visual effect. The timeless dotted shirt is ideal to wear under sharp tailoring or a knitted sweater for a more relaxed outfit.

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Photo Shoot SS17

In the beautiful surroundings of Amager Strandpark Copenhagen, we found locations for the spring/summer17 photo shoot. The high blue sky generously lit up the scenes, and just imagine the visual effect of having our male model pose in front of the calm and clear ocean, with reflections of the sky above.

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Bosweel in X-Klusiv Magazine

X-Klusiv Herning is a local high-end magazine. The magazine focuses on shopping, culture and seasonal activities in Herning and covers fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle topics.

X-Klusiv provides the city’s attractive specialty shops and companies powerful image-profiling opportunities facing the affluent consumer.
Bosweel is proudly presented in X-Klusiv in affiliation by our customer, Mr Dohm Herning.

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Be Dandy

Our geometric woven dotted shirt takes the formal outfit to the next level. The floral woven tie boldly mixed with floral pocket square gives it a personalized feel.

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Heavy oxford

Heavy and everlasting this Button-Down collar shirt is ideal for both casual and business use. Wear it with a scarf and under your favourite blazer. A smart but still relaxed styling to every spring occasion. Our Signature shirt is available in Classic fit, Body cut and Slim fit.

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Woven dots

This fine two-ply shirt is woven with a dotted geometric pattern in a light blue and grey colour harmony. The collar is the Bosweel Cut Away balanced with a grey tie. Wear it under sharp tailoring for a sophisticated look.

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Long term and innovative partnership between the fabric supplier Getzner Textil AG and Bosweel

For more than 30 years Getzner and Bosweel are collaborating. As well as Bosweel also Getzner has defined a new strategy for the shirting sector.

As a textile company which was founded in 1818 in Austria it is really important to enhance permanently and to be steadily innovative. With the focus on strengths and a new individual concept for the customers Getzner tries to intensify their position. Also with a new communication concept Getzner improve their brand identity and brand awareness.

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Stand out from the crowd

The cut away collar is a classic in modern shirt design. In this styling the checked cotton weave is mixed with a floral tie balanced in a bold colour combination. The styling is assembled by the floral pattern of the jacket which makes you stand out from the crowd.

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The power of prints

Prints appear on fine oxford, poplin in florals or geometric patterns this season. This brings life and contrast to fabrics and adds a personal touch to your preferred outfit. Don´t forget to mix with ties and scarves. A dressier look for the spring season.

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When a small thing makes the big difference

Use a tie with contrast and let it define your look. It’s all about the detail. A tie helps defining your style and adds that final touch of personality to your outfit. This button-down collar shirt – one of our signature styles – gets you ready in a second.

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ELSK® & Bosweel Collab (Q&A)

At Bosweel we have a heritage of almost 80 years of shirt making experience and with that as a part of our DNA, we believe this experience is relevant only if we continue to develop co-operations and constantly strive for innovation.

At Bosweel we remain true to our origins and trade, while keeping an open mind to be able to deliver the highest quality shirts to our customers. We are passionate craftsmen and women with a professional attitude of innovation and with that in mind we welcome ELSK as a partner with a mission and a strong belief.

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Bosweel laver bæredygtig skjortekollektion med ELSK

ELSK var på jagt efter knowhow og gode, ærlige materialer til en skjortekollektion. De fandt det hele og knap 80 års ekspertise i Herning.


Af Anders Skou Kristiansen,

Den frie ånd forbundet med Klitmøller kan lyde nærmest uforenelig med den herningensiske håndværkstradition i tekstilbranchen. Alligevel gjorde de fælles værdier, at et samarbejde føltes helt, helt rigtigt for både Bosweel og ELSK.

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New innovative partnership between ELSK and Bosweel

Press release

Nyt innovativt partnerskab mellem ELSK og Bosweel

Det Thy-baserede modebrand ELSK og skjortebrandet Bosweel mødes i et nyt spændende samarbejde omkring ELSK ´s kollektion af skjorter. ELSK lancerer en større kollektion i forbindelse med åbning af deres nye shop-in-shop i Salling Aarhus og har i den forbindelse fundet sammen med Bosweel som sparringspartner og skjorteproducent.

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Dress up for spring 2016

Check out our collection of new spring shirts in various qualities from heavy oxford to crispy poplin and two- ply woven exclusive fabrics.

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Dansk Fashion and Textile post article about Bosweel and their new branding strategy.

Dansk Fashion and Textile is the trade association for Danish textile and clothing companies.

The association represent more than 350 of the most influential players in the Danish fashion and textile industry. They support cheap jerseys members, and thereby the industry, with daily consultancy, political lobbying, development of networks and many other value-adding initiatives.

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The photographer behind the Bosweel image photos

Bosweel is launching several new images.

The photos were taken by Dennis Stenild, a Danish photographer who has adventured Barometer around the world shooting photos for both Danish and international fashion wholesale mlb jerseys designers and magazines.

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Redesigning a pioneer

As an Art Director and lover of everything whole-hearted, it doesn´t get more exciting than this: redesigning a third generation family business with decades of history and a credibility like few others in Это the market. From the outside looking in, very few companies has the privilege of a Is similar story. Yet, despite of this proud heritage, working together with Bosweel on their new logo and brand identity, proved to be about all other than the past. Read more and comment (0)

Bosweel updates brand

Press Release

During Spring 2016 the independent Danish Shirtmaker will launch a new multi-faceted brand strategy.
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