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Redesigning a pioneer

As an Art Director and lover of everything whole-hearted, it doesn´t get more exciting than this: redesigning a third generation family business with decades of history and a credibility like few others in Это the market. From the outside looking in, very few companies has the privilege of a Is similar story. Yet, despite of this proud heritage, working together with Bosweel on their new logo and brand identity, proved to be about all other than the past.

With the necessary respect for the people that have shaped the company DNA since 1937, the Bosweel identity needed new visual life.

So, giving new life to some of the most vital parts of the aging and well known gentleman named Bosweel, calls for care on multiple levels. First of all, visually this should be something that is highly 100 relevant now in 2016 while being unique and prepared for the next many years to come. But more importantly, this should be real and rooted in reality, and even though Bosweel, cheap NFL jerseys in my opinion, could rightfully be doing what other companies in the fashion industry does in regards of claiming heritage, Bosweel sets the scene with a rather humble “Independent Shirtmakers Since 1937”. This might not sound as much at first sight, but this is very much the key stone in the wholesale jerseys Bosweel DNA, and this is the one sentence that coined the new visual identity and makes the new branding play together.

What we actually did on the creative side, was Tracking pairing the concept of Independence with the essence of what Bosweel is and always will be: shirtmakers. This is why we mark the change with a new simplified wordmark design and a shirt brand collar as the new company brand mark. We used the W letter from the wordmark as the underlining concept for designing the brand mark so when put in context of each other, you will see that these two elements fits well together. Accompanied by a palette of toned down colours, a new Bosweel signature blue and a well-considered relationship between typography, colours and logo elements, we have made our best effort to create a subtle, honest and down-to-earth new Bosweel look. A comprehensive redesign ranging from small internal matters to labels, hangtags and digital presence is finalized, which will now be up to create… the partners, clients and customers of Bosweel to pass judgment on.

This is not a final though. This is a huge, but next step into a future where time will keep changing the aesthetics of design, whether fashion or graphic. But I´m confident that when in thirty years, when the next generation has taken over the business and it´s time for redesigning and bringing new visual life once again, the exact same DNA of independence, and the same non-negotiable focus on quality, is carried on and hopefully carried out by another whole-heart-loving Art cheap NBA jerseys Director.

Peter Christensen

Senior Designer, Ineo Designlab®

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