Independent Shirtmakers Since 1937

The Bosweel quality

Some things are not negotiable

People with Passion


Quality has been the main focus since Bosweel was founded in 1937.

We only employ people who are as passionate about quality as we are. We buy materials, choose partners and prioritize our resources around producing shirts in the highest possible quality and with the best possible value for the price.

Seven decades of obsession with quality have built up important knowledge in our company, and has created a zero-tolerance Bosweel-culture of never settling for anything but the best, and always doing the right thing.

At Bosweel our top priority always has been, and always will be quality.


Fabrics First


The quality of the shirt starts with the choice of fabric.

At Bosweel we only work with the most professional, innovative and quality-conscious suppliers of fabrics. We will never make a Bosweel shirt of inferior fabric. We work with a variety of fabric qualities, which ultimately determines the price of the shirt, always ensuring a fair price/quality ratio.

We constantly search for new combinations of fibres, yarns, compositions, spinning and fabric treatments, which allow us to produce shirts across a broad price and quality range.

is vital


Pattern making and creating the right fit is the real science of making shirts. Investing more than 75 years optimizing look, feel and fit, we are confident in our shirts, and we commit that we will continue to innovate and improve going forward.

A Bosweel shirt goes through 70 production stages. We pay close attention at each stage to bring you a shirt with a perfect fit and comfort that will keep its shape over time and after heavy use. We work with three different fits:


Cut generously throughout
— Wide chest
— Straight waist
— Relaxed comfort


A shaped fit that suits most body types
— Regular chest
— Slimmer waist
— Athletic fit


A closer fit for a tailored look
— Tight fit chest
— Tapered waist
— Slender cut


a human hand


Today shirt manufacturing is a modern industrial business, but at Bosweel there is always a human hand involved.

Our shirts are never out of sight. We make sure that every single shirt leaving our building has been through our many processes ensuring the true Bosweel quality.

You can be sure that your Bosweel Shirt was designed, manufactured and delivered with passion and pride.

That’s a promise. Always.